Dual Battery Wiring Kit

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Product Description




The McGrath 4X4 Dual Battery Installation / Wiring Kit comes with everything required to wire in a VSR based or DC to DC battery charger based dual battery system

Perfectly suited for DIY, Our installation kit requires no crimping or soldering, it’s simply plug and play.

Before deciding on creating our dual battery wiring kits we first looked at what was already available. 
What we found were numerous substandard kits that left out key safety features and left you with crimping or soldering cable lugs to cables and used undersized cable

What we wanted to create was a very simple to install kit that was safe and easy to install.

Dual battery systems need fusing at both batteries. The heat generated by a shorted 6 or 4 B&S cable is immense and can result in a fire incredibly quickly.


  • Easy to install kit
  • Suitable for under bonnet installations
  • Use with Voltage Sensitive Relay VSR or with DC to DC Charger
  • All crimp terminals heat shrinked
  • Fused for full protection


Kit Includes

1 Fused batt terminal
1 Midifuse holder
2 Midifuse 60-amp
1 Midifuse 30-amp
1 Megafuse 200-amp continuous 600-amp maximum rated
1 Neg batt 3 post
50cm 6B&S black cable
30cm 6B&S Red Cable with 6mm terminals
30cm 6B&S Red Cable with 6mm and 8mm terminals
2.5m 6B&S Red Cable with 6mm and 8mm terminals
10 Cable ties