Donaldson 4WD Filter Kits

With Donaldson’s Filter Kits your engine will operate with better protection between filter replacements and save you on costly downtime and repairs. Effective and efficient filtration is the best preventative maintenance for hard-working 4WD’s.

Donaldson is a global corporation that pioneers some of the world’s leading filtration technologies used in countless industries around the world. Following three goals – improving people’s lives, enhancing equipment performance, and protecting the environment – we have achieved enviable success. Our filtration products can be found on everything from heavy-duty trucks and military aircraft to MP3 players and laptop computers.

Whereas most 4WD filter brands have been developed by automotive filter specialists, Donaldson is an industry leader in heavy duty filtration for off-road diesel engines and is a trusted supplier to some of the most prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world. This expertise has been applied to the development of the Donaldson range of 4WD filters. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that Donaldson delivers a range of 4WD filters that provide premium quality, durability, and the highest levels of engine protection for your vehicle.